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Our 2016 Winter Season Champions Swamp Squad and Riverside Ballaz!

By Ron Dahlhaus, 04/11/16, 12:15AM EDT


Swamp Squad Defeats Hard Work
Riverside Ballaz Out Duels Los Diablos
In what was expected to be two hard fought battles lived up to all of the hype as the capacity crowds were treated to two excellent games as we have crowned our 2016 Winter Season Champions! In the opener, Swamp Squad hosted Hard Work and as tauted, the game went back and forth. Swamp Squad jumped out to a quick lead, but Hard Work came right back and then took a small lead themselves. After the first 20 minutes it was 28-26 Swamp Squad and we all knew the second half would be great!The second half had Hard Work get a 5 point lead, and 12 missed foul shots by the Swampers did not help matters. In the end, it was some clutch shooting Swamp Squads Devin and Matt that made the difference in a 55 - 51 final in favor of the Swamp Boys! Hard Work's Kyrel had 19 points and played fantastically in the loss! Great Job by both teams.
Our nightcap was not as close as we had all expected. Riverside's very potent offense appeared to be too much for the Diablos as Riverside opened up a 20 point halftime lead and things looked very bleek for the Diablos. Hower, the Tobin Brothers caught fire and trimed the lead to 7 with just about 2:30 minutes left. But Riverside once again flexed their muscles as Zore, Tommy and Troy put on a shooting show and put the game away. Zore finished with 29, while Tommy ended with 26 and Sargent Troy netted 20 to give the Ballaz yet another title, probably our most celebrated team over the years! Matt T ened with 27 to keep Los Diablos in the game, but was just not enough. 
Congrats to Swamp Squad and Riverside Ballaz..our 2016 Winter Season Champions!


Wednesday, April 6th

Semi Finals

New Gym A Division:

7:30pm...Swamp Squad 56 (1st Seed) v Emphy Clear 28 (4th Seed)

8:30pm...Hard Work 61 (2nd Seed)  v  Old As Dirt 60 (3rd Seed)

Old Gym B Division:

7:30pm…Freshcutz 55 (2nd Seed) v Los Diablos 61(3rd Seed)

8:30pm...Riverside Ballaz 65 (1st Seed) v Pick One 59 (4th Seed)

Sunday, April 10th..Championships.....

Old Gym

8:00pm…A Division ”Winter” Season” Championship

Swamp Squad 56 v Hard Work 51

9:00pm…B Division ”Winter” Season” Championship

Riverside Ballaz 81 v Los Diablos 68

Trophies To All

Good Luck to Each Team!